Do you remember a time when the earth was fascinating to you? Those memories seem distant from the comforts of city life; the winding, noise filled, rivers of roads hold a very different kind of light. Where is life seen in these tomes of steel and stone? Humanity seeing humanity in the lack of environmental diversity.

We are dependent on the earth’s hospitable environment, one which is currently changing. Topsoil is one of the most important resources and it is disappearing at alarming rates.

Islands of life and the importance of soil has driven my artworks to contrast with life in the city. Living in Scotland and visiting the western isles throws this into higher definition. The ancient landscapes speaking to visceral human feelings of relational space. There is an aged wisdom to the landscape of which a cityscape cannot hope to parallel and which it inevitably buries.



In out, in out. I can hear every motion of my body as I breathe. The creaking of muscles echoes through my head with a distant thump from far below. I gulp and the sound of liquid being squeezed down my throat reminds me of delicate waterfalls on highland plateaus; the crackle of my eardrums like splashes on rock.

I have been reading and consuming such quantities of viscus theorems, that my head is humming with thoughts. Most of which are not my own, but which form in that home of my head, like a blossoming garden that has filled every corner of the greenhouse; flowers pressing up against the once clean glass. The pollen fills what little air there is left with a haze of sticky dust and a heady scent of… [Read more of: The Essay of an Artist]