Musings of a late walk

  Stop. Feel your consciousness float in the room within or without you. Think of your place. The place. This place. A place you hold in your mind too often to be real as thought.  Float. A dream of a dream, connected by invisible threads of knowledge to the collective hive mind that penetrates all […]

Broken Thoughts

  Light, space, Cold hands, cold face. Shadows moving, Constant and unnerving. By our hand, Built on salt, sea and land. Stop be still. Do they have the will. Another day. Can there be a way.    

Conclusion on Cannonisation

  Canonisation is ingrained in society’s approach to organization and historical preservation. Without some form of canon to formulate the discussions and new ideas around, art would flounder.  Our inherent “will-to-form” (Read, 1982, p.268) paired with“a quest to order the world, the desire to collect” (Meecham and Sheldon, 2005, p.206) and form an understanding of […]

Just a Brief Thought

  Despite being dyslexic I do love to write, and often find myself jumbling together the odd idea into some sort of story. They may not be very good, or even make sense but they bloom, flower and change; a morphing presence of mind. So, here is one of these snippets from some strange corner […]

Inherent Memories

  A memory of the majesty, might and moors, The tumbled boulders, tipped and torn, Space in silence stands and soars, Across these peaks so withered and worn.   I see, A sea that used to be, Cold water, ice and floating debris, Their mark laid bare, A difference in the air, From the canyons […]