Live Wire

As one of my favourite pieces from my first semester, this has obvious meaning but is also great technically. The ‘cable’ is made from plasticine and the ties are made of paper and the whole thing is held on the wall by pins. The site for this piece was important and really adds to the fantasy and fairytale feeling of this unexpected living wire. It is a piece to be discovered in an out of the way spot.



Exploring 2 and 3D spaces using the illusions created by light, this piece plays with the imagination. It took a very long time to get the set up right for this and it still needs some work but it is still very interesting. To fully grasp the feeling of this piece you need to watch the video:



A Piece of an Artist

‘A Piece of an Artist’ explores and examines the studio space of an artist, commenting on the layers of paint and marks made over time that record the process of making art. From a small space, the layers have been separated by colour onto ten separate ‘slides’. Each ‘slide’ is attached to the mechanism, which makes them move in an uncoordinated manner. This piece was never finished properly adding to the character and intrigue; a facination of movement.


Fairground Exhibition

As the first project at ECA (Edinburgh College of Art) we worked in groups to create an installation piece that was then part of our first exhibition at the college. We were given the title ‘Fairground’ to work from. Our concept for this piece mixed the aftermath of a fairground and a music festival to create a damp, colourful and rubbish-filled space. We had a budget of nothing so it had to all be free or as cheap as possible. A large amount of the materials were found in bins but we also collected broken or unsellable pieces from charity shops. To add to the mess and to create effect we brought in a bag full of leave that we added to the space.



Having finished college, I am planning on setting myself some projects over summer, before I go off to uni. I have no idea as yet what these might be but I will begin planning shortly. In the meantime I have reverted back to the therapeutic folding of origami as a means of relaxation. There is something so satisfying about folding a flat piece of paper to create a 3D sculpture. So I dug out one of my many origami books and found some paper I would probably never use otherwise and began folding. These three pieces are modular (they use more than one piece of paper) and are very difficult to piece together. This is what makes them so fascinating to me. The process of assembling them makes me feel like I understand the geometric form better. I have often wanted to try adapting these in some way.


Origami Paper Art