Stickers and Graffiti from Europe

These are a few of the photos I took while on my trip around Europe this summer. I focused on the huge amount of stickers and graffiti I found everywhere I went. These are a few of my favourite images. The first three I took in Bremen in Germany and the last one was in a small town just inside Germany a few miles away from the Czech Republic. I took all these photos on my Nikon D50.

Stickers and Graffiti Europe DSC_0125 DSC_0136 DSC_0309

Developing Film in the Darkroom

At college we’ve been doing photography and this week we got to develop the film we had. I had never developed film before now so this was really interesting. These are two prints I made the first is my favourite because I got the exposure just right and the image came out really well. The second was a bit over exposed when I took the photo so it is a lot lighter but I still like the effect. I tried out spraying the developer onto this photo before putting it in so that you get a watery effect. This sort of worked but it’s quite pale and faded.


photography prints black and white IMG_1521