Fairground Exhibition

As the first project at ECA (Edinburgh College of Art) we worked in groups to create an installation piece that was then part of our first exhibition at the college. We were given the title ‘Fairground’ to work from. Our concept for this piece mixed the aftermath of a fairground and a music festival to create a damp, colourful and rubbish-filled space. We had a budget of nothing so it had to all be free or as cheap as possible. A large amount of the materials were found in bins but we also collected broken or unsellable pieces from charity shops. To add to the mess and to create effect we brought in a bag full of leave that we added to the space.


Drink Stirrer Art

I found these drink stirrers in a small craft and antiques shop and immediately knew I wanted to do something with them. The techniques I used here are the same as some of my other balanced pieces. Yet again there was NO GLUE involved in the making of these pieces. I loved working with these as they have an interesting shape to them, which is perfect for balancing. I found the shapes and pattern that they made reminded me of sea creatures of some sort.