When given the challenge of making a booklet out of one piece of paper, I thought a lot about the folds that were needed. I also didn’t want to make all the pages the same, so I spent a day just folding and refolding paper to find a template that would work. However, the contence is pretty important and I wanted it to reflect some of my previous work. At the moment I’ve been thinking a lot about landscapes and travel between city and wilderness. The line came from Environment which I worked on last year, where I played with shadows and wire to create an animated image. Here I took the line and made it 3D through the manipulation of material. The title ‘Linescape’ incorporates the two elements that make this simple booklet work.


Small Experiments

These are a few of the things I have been doing recently in my spare time. I have experimented with different techniques to keep it interesting. The first photo is of a simple design I drew. I quite like the simplicity of it, though I know it has been done a lot.

The second photo is of a mixed media piece I created using wall paint, acrylic and charcoal. I layered the wall paint on thickly to start with and used tape to make a hard edge to the shape. I added the blue acrylic and more wall paint with my fingers and again using tape at the edges to keep it straight. I then added the charcoal sketch on top smudging it in places for effect, and finally adding the highlights on the eyes and lips.

The third photo is of a card I made. I liked the idea of making it slightly 3D by using string for the hair and the head and guitar are cut out and suck on. I then painted the body as an outline and the crazy hair. I really liked the effect it gave thought I think I could have been neater with the paint.

The last photo is of an A3 sketch I did of my feet. I really enjoyed doing this because I feel like I don’t do enough life drawing and it always helps to practice.


Small Art Experiments IMG_2166

Small Art Experiments Small Art Experiments

My Responses to Cy Twombly


As part of my college work I had to research some artists work and one of the artists I found was Cy Twombly. I have fallen in love with his strange conceptual pieces of work and as a response to this I created my own pieces of artwork inspired by his. These are mixed media pieces with wall paint and pastil. I am particularly happy with these because they feel like my own work and not something I simply copied. My favourite pieces of work that Twombly made were his black board series simply because they were so simple and yet so intricate.

Cy Twombly respnose Cy Twombly response

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a way of printing onto paper or cloth. This was my first go at it and I really enjoyed getting messy with the inks! I found it amazing how messy I could get and still have a clean print by the end. The design for the print I drew was of my necklace and I like the simplicity of it. I can’t wait to do some more screen printing because it is so much fun and I am going to be doing a portrait in different colours!


screen printing art IMG_1518


This is a quick illustration I did out of the blue. I love creating pieces from my imagination as they are often full of more emotion than my other pieces. I used adobe illustrator to create this and I didn’t try to get it too perfect because we all have imperfections and that is shown in everyone’s work whether its art or not. I find simplicity is sometimes just as effective as a piece that’s complicated.

sleepy cow