Paper Dress Project

This is a piece I made for college. It took a lot of time and effort and I am pretty pleased with the outcome. The ‘dress’ itself is actually made of two separate pieces of paper. The top of the dress was cut out and wrapped around loosely and crumpled into place. I used bulldog clips to hold in place for the photo shoot. The skirt took a lot more time… about 3 days to be more precise. I used an origami technique that I learned a while ago. Basically you divide the paper horizontally, vertically and diagonally in both directions. Then you fold this into the ‘water bomb base’ shapes, which gives it the pattern. I adapted the original pattern to make this skirt from a design to make an origami ball. The practicality of the dress is nonexistent… which was unfortunate for the model.

Ewan Mathers

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