Ceramics Pieces

I did a lot of 3D work for my last project, but some of my favourite pieces were ceramics pieces. I have only learnt the basics of ceramics and I wouldn’t say I’m a natural at it, but I love the glazes and the way they change the whole piece! I was working with the thought of folding in my mind as that was what the project was about.

The origami piece was interesting to make because it didn’t have the sharp folds you can get with paper, but rather rounded folds with made it look more natural. I had a bit of fun with the glaze on this one, using a brush to splatter blue glaze over the  base white.

The bowl is possibly my favourite piece as it has a very natural shape. I used a mould to keep it in shape and I used a turquoise glaze, which makes the surface soft and smooth. The colours that were created by the glaze were really lovely and it came out better than I thought it would.

The deep blue folded piece was inspired by some of the paper folding we had been doing, looking at using single folds. Of cause the clay I used didn’t act in the same way as paper so the folds were a lot more smooth and natural than the paper ones. Even so I am happy with the result and the glaze works really well with piece.

Ceramic Swan Ceramic Bowl Ceramic Sculpture

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