My new design – Paper dress

I find that when I make something, whatever it is, I like it to be to the best of my ability. So when I made the original paper dress I knew that it would lead to me wanting to make a better one. There were many things wrong with the original including the small fact that you couldn’t move in it once it was on and that all that was really holding it on was bulldog clips. So I’ve decided to make a new dress, this time making it to the original proportions of the origami paper ball where I got my inspiration for this piece. I am going to use a much larger piece of paper this time and I am going to brace it from the inside with a wire hooped under skirt, which I’ll glue to the paper. I’ll have to make sure this isn’t too heavy or it’ll rip the paper. I am also going to reinforce the paper around the holes where the ribbon will go for lacing it up. This should prevent any rips around the holes. The top part of the dress is going to be a fiddle because it needs to be just right to get that cone shape I want.

This is going to take some time but I am hoping to come out with a dress you could at least walk in!

paper dress design

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